Today Is Moving Day!

If, and it won’t be a very big ‘if’, the Internet connection can be made today, this is the big moving day. I’m outta here. It’s not a far move, but it’s a big one.

Because the last post touched so much on transparency, because this community means so very much to me, it’s probably a good idea to tell you all about what precipitated this change in my life.

Many of you are aware that I’m a recovering alcoholic. Most of you are not aware that I’m drinking again to take myself away from some awesome pain.

There was a man in my life for better than three years. He drank, I drank. I got sober, he didn’t care. He was totally irresponsible and was happy to let me enable it.

On December 23, he was arrested at my apartment. He had a butcher’s knife in his pocket; threatened the police with a non-existent gun, fought with them, kicked the back window out of their car, called the judge a whore and worse. This was on top of a DUI and two other public drunkenness charges. He’s now incarcerated on $350,000.00 bail. I’m not paying it.

This is one of the biggest reasons I’m moving to JasminLive. It’s time to get on with my sober, creative, and productive life and to leave the negative behind.

From today, life will be with one of my sisters in a little town called Schwenksville in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. We have cows almost in the back yard. We have nice neighbors next door and across the street. Most importantly, we have each other.

I’ll be closer to my family than ever before. They’re there for me, as I am for them.

Keep Us Close

Do we all think we’re precious? Why shouldn‘t we? We most assuredly are! There’s no question and no argument that we need a tiny bit of narcissism and some healthy ego in our lives, but we don’t need to push it to the limit. Most times, it a good idea to see the envelope on the table and leave it there.

The big question of the day is: do we feel that our mighty selves are so precious that we hold back? Do we keep ourselves from showing ourselves? Do we stop short by hiding the side of us that still refuses to be open to scrutiny? That same side who wants to show itself proudly?

All of us here are writers, readers, or both. We crave to be open and known to the world. But there’s an underlying feeling of fear. Why? Beats me. Can we stop and come out of that hardened shell? Of course we can. It takes a lot of intent and much work, but we can become good bosses of our lives and we can be true to the wonderful transparency of live sex chat blogging; of writing.

In Bad Boss Resources, Kent Blumberg talked about bad bosses. No one needs them and, more importantly, no one needs to be one of them. It’s an issue; it’s an insecurity issue. No matter your side of the fence right now, let go of the boss or let the boss let go of you. Each of you knows what I mean.

We all know what we need in life, what will fulfill us. Never the twain will meet; no room for compromise. But is it such an effort to allow someone in to tell us about their troubles? Would that be such a mortal sin? Sean Howard had an interesting play on the subject when he wrote Bloggers call for transparency. But do they measure up themselves? at CrapHammer.

He’s right. If we think our writing and our thoughts are good enough to give to the world, we should give it our all. “Open” is the word for today. Live it as much as you can.

Get Rid Of The Rain On Your Parade

We have goals, we make plans. Our focus is to make ourselves better for the common good. But, is there something we’re forgetting? Yep. We tend to forget to rid ourselves of the unwanted, the unnecessary, the albatrosses that strangle us.

One of my favorite newsletters is “Coffee and Pie!”, from Diane Corriette at Confidence Building Articles. Diane’s big question for January was “Do You Have A Plan?” Sure! But where is the plan to make the plan come alive? Michael Wade, at, has an answer for that question with, Cut Off Power to the Obnoxious.

How do we do these things? How do we lose the trash and continue the climb at the same time? We continue to notice everything around us. It’s the highest climb we can make.

There are those who would look at our plans and stomp them to the ground. We know this and, even though it’s to our detriment, we still try to deal with them delicately. Um, why? If they slapped our children, kicked our dogs, or threw our cats across the room, we’d be outraged. Why, then, do we let them interfere with our plans?

We make strategies for action and dream of specific outcomes. We work diligently, often in the face of odds that look overwhelming. The point is that we continue to work at our goals and plans, because, for us, there is no substitute.

Another LiveJasmin key is to hold our thunder close and keep it away from those who would quiet it. They aren’t merely nay sayers, they’re dream killers.

Your plans and goals are you, keep them.

Our Renaissance, Our Party, Our Life

So, today, let’s talk Renaissance and parties. Well, maybe that’s redundant. The Renaissance was a party of sorts and parties are always a Renaissance.

Where do you make the party that is inexplicably you? Do you show your art? Does the art of other people interest you? No, not their talents; their being, the simple fact that they’re here for all of us.

Two people who brought that to my attention were Valeria Maltoni with her post Renaissance People at ConversationAgent and Olivier Blanchard, at The Brand Builder, with What your friends really say about you.

We are concentric. None of us lives in a vacuum. We need the parties, we need the people, we need the Renaissance to fill our lives. We need to enjoy and celebrate ourselves and our others.

How will you make your business grow, if you don’t grow with it? What do you want to be? The people around you will show you. If you choose, they’ll be the visionaries, the people who want to move you forward because they want to move ahead with you. Stick with them.

My circle is precious to me; it’s not always obvious to them, but they are. They are who makes me work, makes me tick. To those of you who know you’re there, and to those of you who don’t realize how much I value you, thank you for being in my life.

Look At The Bad For The Good

“What’s Love Got To Do With It?” That song was mildly running through my mind during a few of the days I didn’t work last week. Instead of love, negativity was worrying me.

started with the worst panic attack of my life. It culminated with me lying in bed for four days, trying to collect my thoughts and trying to make some sense of them.

At first, it felt like the flu was coming back. It wasn’t. Sure, the body hurt and was lethargic, but it wasn’t from an outside source. It was from the mind, the soul, the being.

Many of us suffer from mental problems. Many more of us suffer from depression, anxiety, bi-polar dysfunctions. My feeling is that those of us who have those maladys are the lucky ones. We’re forced to look inside and see what’s happening to us. We need to, and do, make the extra effort to figure out where we can make the good changes.

We don’t share everything with each other online, and I’ll not bother you with the “inquiring minds want to know” details, because it adds nothing to the meat of this article. Suffice it to say there was a bunch of trouble in my life for a long time and it culminated a month ago today. It was all negative and I simply swallowed it and pushed it deep into my pond of harmony and ignored it.

Like Gollem, it wouldn’t stay. It made me it’s precious. It made me hurt. It made me realize that sweeping under the carpet won’t last too long.

It’s possible to release ourselves from the negatives; to walk upright and happily into the positive. For those of us who suffer, we need to be extra vigilant. We can’t allow ourselves the luxury of letting it flow off our backs. We’re special. We must make every examination, consider it carefully, and let ourselves be.