Clearing Is Such Sweet Sorrow

The Pennsylvania Dutch have a saying, “The hurrieder I go, the behinder I get”. Ain’t it the truth?

We make our plans and try to clean the clutter so the plans work smoothly. Then life happens. The plans need to be adjusted, the clutter stays where it always was and we get caught up in the turmoil.

That’s what Mike had to say when he posted What’s on Your Blog Editorial Calendar? at ConverStations. His point is that we need some structure, something to fall back on rather than serendipity. It’s a great idea, that thing they call structure; lets people know what to look for.

Planning a topic for each post for and pigeon-holing those posts prettily in each day. Getting everything straight and keeping it straight so they stay out of the way of making our wonderful lives a little more wonderful. In a perfect world, that would work.

Sharon Sarmiento, at esoup, would like to do that and she’s making headway. Her recent post, Work less, get more done, has a lot to say about that.

It’s an efficiency-minded world. We need to work smart to make what we have as precious to others as it is to us. But we needn’t lose ourselves in the process. The business will run so much smoother if we take care of ourselves first and the business later.

Is it really necessary to work hard? Nope. Is it really necessary to adhere to each plan as if it were etched in stone? Nope. It’s necessary to understand life and know when to bend and change.

Again, Mike Sansone, in Quick Thoughts From a Hectic Head:

It has something to say. Hear it.