Don’t Worry About Your Ducks

Weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth. Counting the numbers, shifting the beans. To outsource or not to outsource? It’s all part of a business day. Those are the challenges that make the game interesting.

Three people talked about those challenges in the last few days. Christine Kane wrote Business Advice for Artists and Sensitive People. Drew McLellan, at Drew’s Marketing Minute, addressed Numbers, numbers and more numbers. Adding to the pot, from Art of Money, Jon Symons brings the question, Hiring - Go with Trust or Experience?

The thread among the three was simply to jump back, take a deep breath, re-group, get on with life. So often we get caught up in things that eat at our emotions and starve all else. It’s wonderful to have emotions, especially in business. Those feelings, however, need to be tempered to ignore the selfish and work for the customer.

Focus. It’s not good enough to know what our clients want; we need to know what we expect, as well. Be clear from the start. Maybe a contract is necessary, maybe not. Regardless, the best bet is for all parties to put all cards on the table.

Are we looking to pin a number on customer service or to pin customer service to a number? In the short term, the numbers mean nothing; the customers mean everything. In the long term, the customers still outweigh the numbers.

The only way to measure the success of you, your business, and your customers’ reliance and faith in both is by seeing who comes back. They’re coming with a purpose. They need something they can’t do, but you can. Let them know you know what you’re doing, do it well. There are your numbers.

It’s ok if your ducks aren’t all in a row. Ducks don’t do that. Get them all in the same puddle and watch things happen.