Let Your Ego Meet Your Soul

Blogs du jour is one of my favorite things to do. Comparing and contrasting and ultimately finding the sameness is fun and enlightening for me. This post is one of those “same but different” du jours. It should suit the bill nicely.

Charles H. Green wrote I’m OK, You’re an Idiot at Trusted Advisor. Charlie’s blog was a pleasant find and the pleasantry continues with each post I read. And this one was a zinger, because of it’s content and it’s comments.

Charlie started by talking about Thomas Harris’ book, “I’m OK, You’re Ok”.

One commenter in particular caught my eye. Peter Vajda added his thoughts on the idea that there’s a counter-productivity to moving away from the problem.

We’re always learning through the trial and error of meeting and greeting. Or, more succinctly, we’re always learning. It’s probably part of the plan that some days we’re the idiots and some days we’re ok. Those idiot days add to the positive psychology; they’re a learning process.

If we wait until we’re absolutely sure we know what we’re doing, it’ll likely be too late.

It’s quite fine to go with what you know today and build on it tomorrow.