A New Computer Should Fill Most Of The Bill

Part of me thinks this should have been posted yesterday. The rest of me understands I’d not have had the pleasure of so many smiles caused by the messages in my mailbox. Return messages will be health-dictated. But I love each of you for your concern.

Well, here are the problems:

Apparently, the computer should be replaced; upgraded to something more twenty-first century. The other day, I called a local diagnostician who offered to look at it for $95.00; such a deal! I’m not looking for a free ride, but I’m not looking to have SAP tattooed on my farhead, either Therefore, a new up-to-date, 2006 version is in the works, as soon as the works can be worked out. A new computer will help many of the problems.

But, here are the other things. I’m not savvy enough to make pages. Oh, wait. Maybe there’s something missing from the upload to BlueHost. Ok. That’s on the check-right-away list.

Also, I’m a pinch better than clueless when it comes to the website I’ve been yearning to make.

The rest of you seem to be so far ahead of me with those things. Right now, it looks like a class might be the way to go???