Can We Talk?

Networking is the topic again. In fact, networking should always be the topic. We are not the boy in the bubble, nor are we islands unto ourselves. We are a social species and each needs the other, whether it be personal or business.

The days of barn raisings, church socials, block parties aren’t necessarily gone forever, but they’re fast becoming a thing of the past. We’re replacing them; we’re adapting. Is the new adaptation all good? Of course not! It’s still being processed. Will it be good? Oh, yes! The process never stops.

At Talking Story, with her post Shelf Life and Attention Span on the Web, Rosa touched on one of our core needs. We need to communicate; we need to, in some way, interact. At the same time, she brings up the fact that we sometimes tend to go for the fast fix today and, tomorrow, forget.

But, who is the one who takes the most hurt most by forgetting? It would be those who choose to go for that fast fix. We’re probably all guilty of that somewhere, sometime.

Tony D. Clark says it quite succinctly in his post, Networking is a Conversation, Not a Lecture at Success From The Nest.

We can’t rely on the third-party networks like LinkedIn, MyBlogLog, The Good Blogs, etc, to make us be real. They’re like the hammer to the nail. The hammer helps; the nail stays.